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Modern Analytic Group Therapy Training

Training in Modern Group enables therapists to expand their own emotional repertoire, to enhance their abilities to work with transference, countertransference, resistance and aggression. By increasing the capacity to tolerate and verbalize emotion, new energy can be liberated for intimate connection and personal growth.

Training weekends occur Friday afternoons and all-day Saturday and include process sessions plus consultation and didactic learning. Using a model practiced in Portland, Nashville, Austin and other communities, this open-ended training entails a personal and financial commitment to attend 2-3 weekends per year. The overall length of time people choose to stay in the training group varies and depends on one’s personal and professional goals. While no formal certificate will be tendered, CE credits may be offered – check with the registrar.

Dr Wright is a licensed Psychologist and Certified Psychoanalyst and Group Therapist in private practice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Dr. Wright is a founder and faculty member of the Center for Group Studies in New York City, and a Senior Supervising and Training Analyst at the Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis.  She is the co-founder of the Clinical Practice Enrichment Series, which has offered continuing education workshops for mental health practitioners for over fifteen years.  Dr. Wright has conducted Modern Analytic training programs in Portland, Oregon for over two decades. A dynamic and engaging instructor and supervisor, Dr. Wright has lectured nationally and internationally and authored papers on innovative applications of psychoanalytic techniques.

Our theoretical focus will be Modern Analytic which is largely absent in this region, yet widespread and vibrant throughout the rest of the country. In contrast to earlier leader focused group methods, Modern Analytic Group Therapy, as developed by Louis Ormont, Ph.D., harnesses the power of the group itself as a therapeutic agent.  Focusing on emotional communication, rather than intellectual understanding, Modern Group process uses group interaction to resolve obstacles to intimacy, promote individuation and provide the seeds for new forms of emotional connection.   Modern Group therapists create the opportunity for members to reenact the problematic scripts of their outsides lives in the group setting and enable members to safely move from self-limiting modes of functioning to healthier ways of relating. Modern Analysis presents an exceptionally effective model that explicitly addresses blockages, resistance and fears that keep patients from being more emotionally aware and expressive. It provides abundant, practical guidance to therapists for helping group members feel more, say more, and ultimately to live more rewarding and interpersonally connected lives.

For further questions about the training, contact the registrar.



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